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Kazbek by drone, movie (Georgia). Recorded in June 2021 during the search and rescue duty as part of the Bezpieczny Kazbek project. DJI Mavic Pro Platinum drone.

A little more about the Kazbek safe project:

A project aimed at increasing the level of security of Polish citizens in the area of the Kazbek massif through the seasonal duty of a rescue team.

Safe Kazbek is a project since 2016. The MEDYK RESCUE TEAM foundation, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tbilisi, carries out the duty of Polish rescuers at the Meteo – Bethlemi Hut shelter at the foot of the Kazbek peak, in the Caucasus range, in Georgia.

All rescuers participate in the project socially, and the equipment and maintenance of our base is possible thanks to sponsors and donors.

The project was held under the patronage of the Polish Mountaineering Association.

The Safe Kazbek project can be supported on the website:

We flew a CASA military plane from the airport in Krakow to the emergency services. It was a very interesting experience, a completely different flight than with standard airlines. You can read more about this trip HERE.

Flight in a CASA military plane

Then we had a day of rest in Tbilisi.

Later, the Mi-17 helicopter of the Georgian border guards took the rescuers with their equipment to the Meteo Station near Kazbek. There, for the next week, we were building a rescue base. You can read about the helicopter flight HERE.

By helicopter to the base near Kazbek.

After setting up a rescue base, my colleagues returned to Poland. In the short time when I was alone at the base, there was an accident at the mountain. I set out to help, where at an altitude of about 4700 – 4800 m I helped a French tourist. Unfortunately, he did not have mountain insurance. Fortunately, with the help of Russian mountaineers, we brought him to a tent that was set up by Ukrainian tourists. The whole action took a different course fairly quickly. You can read more about the rescue operation HERE.

During a high-altitude rescue operation.

The rest of the shift was rather quiet. Several Poles visited us, we went to Ortsveri (4365 m). On the last day of my stay in the base camp, I climbed Kazbek (5047 m) by climbing to the top of the so-called the Russian (sports) route.

Kazbek summited. Additionally, I flew the drone and recorded a movie. Georgia is trully interesting.

Kazbek by drone, movie Georgia.